Kara & Adam's Wedding

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Let me introduce you to Adam and Kara. We were so excited to be part of their cute, subtly-Christmas themed wedding just a few weeks ago on December 13th, at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, NY. Christmas weddings are always special. Even with the unseasonably warm weather and lack of snow, Kara and Adam's sweetness as a couple really captured the mood of the season. Kara had this amazing fur shawl that she wore for portraits, and she really did look like a Christmas queen as she walked the grounds with her groom holding her hand. 



Our time with Kara and Adam started out at the Glen Sander's hotel where they were both staying. Our Cool Cat photographer hung out with the guys during their getting ready time, and got this cool picture of the brothers, groom Adam and best man David, figuring out their bowties. 



Adam has three brothers, all of which were groomsmen. It was awesome seeing the guys interact with each other and their genuine excitement (and some good-natured joshing) for Adam on his big day.




















Both Kara and Adam had little surprises packages for each other, to be opened in the morning on their wedding day. It was really awesome to see their excitement as they opened one another's gifts on such a special day. 



We loved Kara's reaction after she opened Adam's gift. Honestly, these guys were too cute. 



Kara's getting ready was so much fun. She kept it really simple with makeup and accessories, yet the whole effect was incredibly elegant. It was awesome to see all the pieces working together to create that very subtle winter-queen effect that worked so well with the Christmas wedding theme. 






















And here were the shoes Kara would be dancing in later...




Kara's bouquet, like everything else about her, was so beautiful. The calla lily held a special hidden significance for Kara and Adam, since their dog, whom they love, is also named Lilly.


There was something about Kara that comes across so well, both in person and on-camera. She has a very graceful, genuine sense about her. She truly was a lovely bride.

Adam's a pretty big guy, but the moment he smiles, you can tell he has an even bigger heart. His love for Kara just shone through everything he did. It was awesome to see. 


Thanks to the unseasonably warm December weather, we were able to take the guys outside for their portrait shots. Cue the theme music, because the guys are on their way!



The girls were not to be outdone. 



Personally, I think Kara pulled it off best of all. She had such a great sense of humor and we loved capturing it here!




It was a gorgeous day, so we lingered here getting a few more portrait shots before the start of ceremony. Kara was such a stunning bride. She always held herself with such grace.  I love how you can see her full dress here and the way the train swirls out at the bottom. But after a few more portrait shots, it was finally time to head inside for the start of Kara and Adam's wedding ceremony.


Adam had this really awesome special request. He didn't want to see Kara until she was already coming down the aisle with her father, so Susan Lamori, one of our own Cool Cat officiants, was supposed to give him a signal when it was time to turn. There was this really incredible buzz  as Kara appeared around the corner and the music began. As Kara began walking down the aisle, Adam waited with his back turned, and you could feel the anticipation slowly mounting. Finally, as Kara approached, Susan gave Adam his signal, and he turned to face his bride. 

The moment that the two faced each other, you could feel the joy radiating from the both of them. It was awesome to see how excited they both were, and you could tell how long they had been waiting for this moment.





Their excitement was infectious. As Kara hugged her father and he passed her hands to Adam, you could really sense the overwhelming happiness of everyone in the room for this awesome couple as they met each other, finally, at the altar.  



Kara and Adam's ceremony was incredibly sweet. Susan shared words that Kara and Adam had both written about each other, things they loved about each other, what they cherished, hoped, and dreamed. As Kara and Adam said their vows, Kara asked, "Will you be my husband?" To which Adam responded later, "Will you be my wife?" As both agreed and exchanged rings and vows, they were pronounced husband and wife. 



Everyone cheered them on as this incredibly sweet couple walked back down the aisle together as husband and wife.



As everyone else headed over into the next room for cocktail hour, Adam and Kara walked around the grounds and the mansion together for some portraits in the gathering twilight. 



We loved this shot out front with the two of them together in the Glen Sanders gazebo, backlit and surrounded by hundreds of sparkling lights. These two were so full of such genuine emotion and love for one another, it made these portraits so special.



Back inside, we returned to their ceremony space which had been re-converted into a lounge with many of the same details from their ceremony.



Have I mentioned how cute these two are together? After a few more sweet portraits, it was time to head over to their reception.



Only a few key people knew that Adam and Kara had planned a surprised, choreographed first dance. As they started to dance, the room fell silent. But soon people were cheering as Adam lifted Kara in elegant spins, Kara swept her train around Adam, and the two mirrored each other elegantly in perfect steps across the dance floor. 



The dance ended with a deep, romantic dip, and Adam and Kara kissed as the room cheered.



Adam and Kara invited everyone to join them on the dance floor and kick off the night with a bang. Their closest family and friends surrounded them and began singing along with the DJs. It was an awesome moment as everyone joined them in the center of the dance floor to celebrate their marriage.



Kara and her father, Tony, danced together for a final father-daughter dance. Tony had been there for a special first-look with Kara that morning as a bride-to-be. Now, he got to dance with Kara the newlywed. It was a special moment that everyone was going to remember for a long time.



Adam and his mother danced together as well for a lighthearted mother-son dance. This was a special moment for them as well, as Adam's mother was able to dance with her grown son before letting him go on to stand with his new wife.

 Adam and Kara had an amazing reception. They incorporated a lot of fun traditions, such as the bouquet and garter toss, and fun games involving all their guests. It was a really special evening with loved ones celebrating alongside Adam and Kara as they enjoyed the start of their new life together as Mr. & Mrs. Northup. 



We had such an awesome time celebrating their wedding alongside them, from our DJs to our photographers and videographers and officiant division. There was such a significance to so many moments throughout their day. Adam and Kara were such a genuine couple that it was an absolute pleasure to be there celebrating with them. What a wonderful wedding to have so close to the end of our wedding season. Adam and Kara, from everyone here at Cool Cat, congratulations!





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We had an amazing time with Kara & Adam along with all of their family and friends. :-)
It was such an awesome wedding from top to bottom
Well done venue and entertainment
The couple and their families are are great so I guess no more to say but CONGRATULATIONS again!
Allison Northyp(non-registered)
Love them
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