What's different about Cool Cat's Photo Booths???



The Answer is... Everything!

When you book our photo booth at your event, we want you to get more than just a box that can take pictures. We want to provide another form of entertainment for your event. At your event now matter how awesome a DJ has the dance floor rocking, some will simply not dance. Those people are who the photo booth is for. It is our goal to get every person at an event celebrating and having a good time. Our photo booth is another "tool" to do so.


What exactly, you might ask?


LED Light up Booth


 Our LED light up booth  comes with the latest technology. The booth can be set to the color of your event OR just on a steady, modern fade. 






Personalize Print Out Template

Our graphic design team helps you create the perfect template for you. We have two options when it comes to lay out - the classic 2x6 strips or the 4x6 bigger photo. 












Professional Photo Booth Attendant

Our attendants are trained not only set up and run our photo booths, but be entertainers. Our attendants will be involved with the party and help your photo booth run smoothly. Whether they are helping the guests  swap props or hanging the prints out guests, the attendant is there to serve your guests.





Social Media Uploading

Once you've completed your photo shoot, upload it! Our booth gives you and your guests the ability to upload the photos to facebook. Another option is to send the photos via email.






Video Recording

A “Record Video” hot zone on the touch screen allows the user to easily select video capture. This allows the guests to leave YOU personalized messages. "BEST WEDDING EVER"..."WE LOVE YOU!"..."CONGRATS" 
Check out this example!